My Mackenzie Foy autograph a.k.a. the Internet is fast, yo

Once something’s released into the Interwebs, there’s no telling where it’ll end up. Or how fast.

Yesterday, I had a chance to meet Mackenzie Foy, a newcomer to The Twilight Saga. She plays Renesmee, the daughter of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart). I asked the 10-year-old cutie to sign my book, and she did. Foy is such a poised, enthusiastic and composed 10-year-old. It looks like she’s handled this whole superstardom quite well.

Anyway, I tweeted a picture of the autograph afterwards. Within minutes, I had a slew of new Twitter followers and 60 or so retweets/replies. But most impressive was how fast the photo ended up on Twilight fan sites. You would’ve thought it was a Pamela Anderson sex tape!

Thus concludes my first time experiencing the wildfire effect of anything and everything Twilight.

1 comment
  1. thepalinexpress said:

    My gosh you are so darn lucky, and with video to prove it. Never EVER delete the video, that’s your evidence that her autograph is authentic.

    Do I watch Pawn Stars a lot? Yeah quite a bit. But I do congratulate you, and I am following your blog to see if this Twihard gets more news from Breaking Dawn (staying out of tmi for greater movie enjoyment).

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