No, YOU’RE gross, Michael Nyqvist. Just kidding. I love you.

Michael Nyqvist, the star of The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo series, arrived back in Vancouver Sunday night for Mission: Impossible 4, which is currently filming in and around town.

One of my paparazzi friends was shooting him, and asked if I could get him an autograph while he took pictures.


When I asked Nyqvist for an autograph, he looked at me with his sexy man eyes and smiled. He was so sweet.

“Sure,” he said.

He looked down at the photo. It was a picture of him from The Girl Who Played With Fire. It depicted the scene at the end of the film where heĀ tends to a bloodied, muddied and beaten Lisbeth Salander. It wasn’t a pretty picture. It was nasty, really.

He looked up at me.

He looked back down at the photo.

He looked at me again.

Those sexy man eyes were judging my character.

“Gross,” he said, as he signed over the fleshy mess of blood and mud.


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